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People get into wrong career for a number of reasons
1. Peer Pressure /Fulfilling parent’s desire
2. Many in same profession from your family
3. Market demand /growth
4. Attracted by money and standard of living
5. Confusion caused by number of  choices
6. It takes time, energy, and courage to make  a
change — so you stick to what you have
What Happens when you get into a wrong Career?
1.Dissatisfaction with work and environment
2.Lack of motivation
3.Lack of drive or interest
4.Not able to cope up with work
5.Poor interpersonal relations
6.Resulting lack of growth


Our Career Expert can help you get over this dilemma. Come and discuss with our experts to understand your strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. It is never too late to acknowledge the need and pursue a course correction. Explore the possibilities.

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